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Stemmler Fund

Supporting researchers in their work to develop innovative approaches for the assessment of medical education.

About the Stemmler Fund

Medical education and practice is evolving and the need for new and innovative ways to assess knowledge and skills is more critical than ever.

The Stemmler Fund provides grants to researchers taking on this important work by funding projects that have the potential to advance medical education assessment. Each year, as many as three awards of up to $150,000 are given to research teams to support their efforts to drive innovations in the field.

Teams are required to include one junior member, which also provides an opportunity for researchers and faculty in the early stages of their career to receive mentorship and gain a broader understanding of medical education and assessment research.

Since its founding in 1995, the Stemmler Fund has contributed to 100 research projects and recipient publications have been cited over 3,100 times. Learn more about recent recipients and their projects below and view an interactive timeline highlighting key people and milestones from the fund’s history.


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