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Applying for a Latin America Grant


Applying for a Latin America Grant


Each proposal must have a non-profit Lead Institution (which may be a health professions school, a ministry, or other organization) that will administer the Award for the consortium. Each school participating in a consortium proposal must:

  • Be located in Mexico, Central America, or South America
  • Have graduated at least one class of students
  • Be listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) maintained by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) at


To begin your application, please download the required proposal templates below. This includes an application cover sheet for basic information about the project, along with instructions for completing all sections of the Proposal.

Proposal Preparation Checklist

Application Cover Sheet

Budget Template

Roles and Qualifications of Project Leader and Key Consortia Members

Institutional Attestation Form


1. What is the submission deadline?

The cycle for proposal submission is currently closed. Please check back in 2021 for more information.

2. Where should proposals be submitted?

Proposals should be submitted in PDF or Microsoft Word format to 

3. What is the amount of the total grant award?

The total award amount for each project funded will be up to $50,000 over a two-year project period. 

4. How many grants will be awarded?

A total of up to three awards will be given. 

5. How will the grant monies be dispersed?

An award of $25,000 will be made the first year. Each awardee must submit an interim report after the first nine months of support and a final report when funding ends.

Support for the final year of the project is contingent upon progress toward the goals of the grant and submission of an acceptable interim report. 

6. Can one medical school or organization apply for the grant?

No – a consortium submitting a Proposal must include a minimum of two schools, and consortia with more than two schools are encouraged; schools participating in a consortium need not be located in the same country. 

7. Is there a maximum on the number of pages per proposal?

Proposal Narratives should be limited to six (6) single-spaced pages. A budget narrative limited to two (2) pages must also be submitted as part of the Proposal, along with Institutional Attestation Forms from all collaborating institutions (which can be found on NBME’s website). 

8. Can a proposal include training of pediatric residents as the target of the project?

Yes, you can certainly include training of pediatric residents as the target of your project/proposal. 

9. What are considered to be "indirect" costs?

Many institutions charge for the cost of the building in which work occurs or for benefits provided to faculty – these are considered “indirect” costs because they are not actual salaries or costs for materials, but are ongoing costs required to keep a program running. 

10. When will award winners be announced?

Grant awardees are usually notified and announced in the Spring.