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Summer Psychometric Internship

Providing students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and mentorship.

Summer Psychometric Internship

2022 Interns

headshot of Mohammed Abulela

Mohammed Abulela

University of Minnesota
headshot of Jia Quan

Jia Quan

University of Florida
headshot of Merve Sarac

Merve Sarac

University of Wisconsin-Madison
headshot of King Yiu Suen

King Yiu Suen

University of Minnesota
headshot of Feiyi Sun

Feiyi Sun

Columbia University
headshot of Patience Wieland

Patience Wieland

University of North Texas

About the Internship

Summer internships provide opportunities for students, who are actively enrolled in a doctoral program in measurement, statistics, cognitive science, medical education, or a related field, to gain hands-on experience and learn from NBME staff. 

The eight-week program pairs aspiring leaders in assessment with seasoned NBME mentors to collaborate on a research project.

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Interns Since 2016
NBME Staff Mentors